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The Prestige Group was founded in 1986. It is one of the most well-known real estate developers in the city. Since its first project, Prestige Court on KH Road, the group has grown in strength. The developer has a strong name in South India. It is known for its high-quality and innovative development projects.

Prestige Projects in Bangalore

The builder has reached the peak of the industry. The company has grown a lot. It has a vast portfolio. It has entered the commercial, housing, hospitality, and retail fields. The group has developed 247 projects across the country. It has changed the skyline of several cities.

The company has developed 134 million square feet of real estate. It owns 262 acres of land. The Prestige Group has 205 developments in its home city of Bangalore. It has built many projects across the south of the country.

The strength of the Prestige Group comes from its emphasis on excellence. The builder is known for their attention to detail. It places a lot of importance on the happiness of its customers. Every project is carefully planned. These are built with care. These are all high-end properties.

The company knows that the amenities give a better quality of life. Every project by the builder has many top amenities. These give hours of fun. Everything people need is at the projects. These homes are quiet spaces. They are in peaceful areas. They are away from the city's bustle.

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